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In writing my book, 'Breaking Free from Boomerang Love -- Getting Unhooked from Borderline Personality Disorder Relationships', my personal mission is to raise awareness of 'boomerang love', so that it becomes a household phrase, the meaning of which is clear to everyone.

I believe that repeatedly leaving and then returning to a painful relationship with another person is a sign that something is seriously wrong -- we just haven't known what that 'something' is.

Our culture is essentially 'color blind' to the behavior of narcissistic Borderline Personality Disordered people. Few know that there is an actual name and mental health diagnosis for the hurtful behavior that Borderlines inflict on their partners in relationships. With the awareness that my book generates about BPD, I hope that families will seek professional mental health assistance sooner, both for themselves and the BPD they love.

I have served as executive director of the Mental Health Association in my home town. Working with an all-volunteer board and comunity volunteers, I worked to educate people about mental health issues. I've also served on numerous charitable boards and with many non-profit organizations, always 'tilting at windmills' and working to make the world a little kinder and safer place to enjoy our lives.


Homemade bread making and stirring big pots of soup -- sipping a cup of tea on my patio and listening to the birds -- observing the awareness of Borderline Personality Disorder grow, helping both Borderlines and their families