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May 12, 2006


"I've long thought that the best indicator for family violence is the 2:1 ratio, based on need for medical care. That is, two female victims for every one male victim. That ratio has the best science to back it up."

The above quote is wrong, because the problem is discovering who is abusing who or who started the fight. Like when a human gets bitten by a dog, the fact that the human is the one bleeding and the dog is not, does not tell you what happened.The fact that the human requires stitches does not prove the human was the victim or that the dog is vicious.

You can not see the days or weeks of teasing and taunting that the dog went through before it got to this point You can only see the bite on the human's hand.

A few punches from a 5'2" and 105 pound woman can not leave much of a mark on a man. However, the damage on a woman's face from one single punch from a 6'2" 250 pound man will make a nice front page domestic violence photo for your local news paper...

But it does not tell the story - at all. I go with the car analogy; in a two car accident, does the fact that the compact car has suffered much more damage than the big SUV proves the SUV's driver is the one who ran the red light?

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