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March 18, 2008


Knowing about Rihanna from close friends who know her pesnarlly, I don't believe that Chris Brown is the only one at fault.

I've heard that Rihanna can be hot tempered and jealous. On previous occasions Im told that she has hit him and he has let it go.

Just like in the movie Baby Boy, Vyette started beating the crap out of Jodey. After being provoked by the hits, he forgot where he was and what was happening and hit her in anguish. Then they made up.

I'm just saying sometimes females just aren't the victim.

Such an interesting comment, Brian. First, that figure of 75% of Borderlines being female is incorrect, despite what the mental health profession says. Do you know where they get those statistics? From Borderines who are *hospitalized*, usually for attempted suicide -- most of whom are women. But what about all the other thousands of high-functioning Borderlines who cause so much pain that their partnrs go running into therapists' offices? The current statistics from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) say that 30 percent of DV is female to male, so a "non-gendered" definition of DV is needed. Lastly, thank you for agreeing that most men are "typically diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD) but it's the same thing as the Borderline disorder." I rest my case that the male DV abusers sitting in jail, diangosed as having APD, in reality are Borderlines -- frantically afraid that their partner will leave (abandon) them (and so therefore are controlling, jealous and ultimately physically abusive when everything else doesn't work).

Because women account for 75% of all diagnoses for BPD. Associating BPD with DV would be a bad thing for feminists seeking to maintain ideas that would promote a non-gendered definition of DV.

Men are typically diagnosed with APD but more or less, it's the same thing as BPD.

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