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March 26, 2008


about the craziness is true. He did all the things you talk about. However, he is trying some new therapies, and I hope they work, because I can say after spending so much time talking with him that he is more miserable than he ever made me. (And don't get me wrong, I've cried many a tears over this.)

I pray for his recovery, because I learned that underneath it all, he wants to be a good and kind person. At the moment, he just can't be.

Thanks for the blog. It's enlightening and helpful.

Yes, Anna, that's usually the problem with Borderlines. To them, it seems like it's everyone else's fault. And actually, there's a grain of truth in what they say. Because if we didn't *do* what we do -- they wouldn't *feel* the way they feel -- so it's our fault! That's the logic they're following. They want us to stop making them feel their feelings and then they won't be upset. Trying to tell a Borderline that they're misperceiving interactions is like trying to tell a blind person there's a lamp on in the room -- they simply can't *see* it.

Keep taking care of yourself and deciding whether you're willing to go down with your Bordrline's ship.

Lynn Melville
Author, Boomerang Love

Hi This is Anna from Australia
Not a chance my BPD did well to go to 3 sessions of counselling to two different counsellors
The first one he had her charmed to the hilt
NO its everyone else fault not theirs as long as they believe that they keep on going

Thanks, OKC. Hope it helps.

I have borderline. Thanks for this post.

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