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January 23, 2010


I have an addictive personality! I get addicted to EVERYTHING!

When I quit smoking, I took up running and became addicted to that! When I tried to quit drinking, I became addicted to cough syrup, if you can believe that! In college I was addicted to sex.

You name it, I'm addicted to it! Or was or will be! It IS a personality disorder!

I see a therapist these days and have been diagnosed as bi-polar. I could go on and on, but I bet you already know all of the problems that go with this!

I am like that over chocolate. I feel that if soomene is addictive, it is to fill a void in their life. If you are not pleased with yourself, you just say, oh, to heck with it, and go on and give yourself what makes you happy.

It is only a band aid though, because it does not cure the addiction. I think, like eating and smoking, you have to go cold turkey. Get something else to replace it that's not so addictive, something you like but not that you would go overboard with, and just keep on doing it, something that you kind of like but not as much.

If a person can do that, they won't be over-eating maybe that particular thing, or doing that one thing that might be damaging to their health.

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