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July 07, 2012


Thank you for your post, Pravin. Congratulations on your hard work to get control over your Borderline Personality Disorder.

I agree that Borderlines when treated properly, 'do' have a chance to be more "stable and healthy".

The problem is that since the disorder is so unknown to the public, most Borderlines don't even know there's help available. That's why I work to get the word out.

Lynn Melville
Author, Boomerang Love

You cover so many areas of concern to me and suicidal abuse is up there on my list.

I have walked away from the established church (and am unsure what faith I can now hold onto, if any) and have lots of questions. It is refreshing to see you confront so honestly many of those questions. I have been away from active church membership since 2002 after being severely affected by my last church (I would term a cult). It is a can of worms to look at negative concerns of the church but so necessary.

All strength to you and keep up the good writing/cartooning.

A borderline's abusive tactics are not caused from a true desire to cause harm or destruction. They come from a place of extreme emotional immaturity.

The idea that few can get better is a myth. When treated properly and when the borderline makes an effort, it is fully possible to recover -- especially if other underlying mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, bipolar are treated with medication.

I've worked very hard to recover from my disorder and have been much more stable and healthy.

I lost a dear friend to this disorder.

Please consider reading this blog about Mary Kennedy losing her life to this illness. Knowledge can save someone's life.

Please pass this information on... SO SAD and so REAL

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