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August 30, 2012


I realize people suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder are NOT psychopaths. I was just making a euphemism.

But unrecovered Borderlines are your classic, psycho bitch from hell. I'm pretty sure they would destroy your entire life and drag you directly to hell if they could. At least thats what my borderline tried to do to me.

I have sympathy for Borderlines who are actively seeking therapy, but for the ones in denial, leaving a trail of wreckage in people's lives, I truly feel sorry for people that come into contact with them.

I completely agree. The mental health profession still insists on saying that 75 percent of people suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder are female.

Where are the male Borderlines? In jail for domestic violence (why do you think they're jealous? -- Borderline fear of abandonment).

Dr. Donald Sutton has written several books on abusers. He says his studies show that at least 60 percnet of dmestic violence abusers are Borderlines.

And women as abusers? The current Centers for Disease Control statistics say that 30 percent of domestic violence is now female to male.

So I guess we're making progress -- except for the fact that most domestic violence shelters don't take men. : (

Unfortunately, there are two areas that are overlooked by mental health professionals and law enforcement: there are many men with Borderline Personality Disorder and there are women who exhibit a pattern of non-defensive intimate partner violence - women as the primary emotional and physical aggressor.

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