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July 30, 2015


Hello, Clayton --

It's good sign that you've left the relationship before. That means you know in your head that your partner is damaged in some way and will continue to hurt you.

But he acts like he was when you first fell in love and you make the mistake of believing him.

That's why my book is called 'Boomerang Love' -- on again, off again relationship.

I would suggest you read my BLove book, to cement in both your head and heart that this person will continue to hurt you.

AND go online to search for meetings in your area of Co-Dependents Anonymous. You'll find people there just like you, going back endlessly to people who hurt them. Just listening to their stories when I was going to CoDA was an eye-opener for me, because I was doing the same thing. :(

Lynn Melville

Thanks for the blog! I'm currently in a disfuctional relationship where my partner has abused me physically, verbally, & mentally. I'm ashamed to say I've realized who he is a long time ago and am still in the relationship. There have been times I left for a month or so but he begs me back and says he misses the kids. When I come back the abuse stops for a couple weeks than the cycle continues. Please help me :(

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